Watch Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape Uncensored



Someone leaked this video sex tape of Love & Hip Hop’s Nikki Mudarris and her boyfriend Mally Mall to twitter!

Due to demand, the video above is not working for some people. Alternatively, you can click here to download the video:!Yw1RnYAS!IjZxMKU_dxdZCncwQrjo0EEvn_UXfNWIVjjyUPLEHk8

Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape Nude


  1. seriously that is the weakest sex tape ever, if you cant take all your clothes why make it or pretend to call it a sextape.

  2. “LOOK (@ THIS TRICK), HERE!!” Laughing!




    • What an exciting adrtveune you are embarking on. I wish you good luck and you had better post some cool pictures of America as you travel through it.

  3. This was almost as weak as Kim k and Ray j's sex tape.
    I can make a better sex tape than this on my phone.

  4. he is so wrong for posting that she looks like she too fucked up to even know whats going on.. wtf

    • U wish u saw more ass from Miley Cyrus ,Miley don't even have a ass Nikki's being fake or not lol

  5. Mally def leaked this shyt ! He was prob upset she been with Fizz .. Men be fronting but be the ones that really be hittin the most ! And his dick looks ugly ew lmaooo

  6. Fake or not that ass looked and sounded real getting pounded. Malloy mall's dick wasn't complaining lol

  7. He ought to be ashamed of himself for leaking this wack ass shit. His dick looks little as fuck and his sex game and camera skills are weak as fuck. Mally had two job my nigga, two job and it seems you couldn't do either one because she looked bored as shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMFH I'm mad I waisted my time to look at this shit! lmfaoooooooooo

  8. You guys are so stupid why would Mally mall leak this tape Nikki has all her clothes on the only thing you see is Mallys dick why would you release a picture of your dick all over the Internet…trust me you can go on Nikki Instagram and see more nudity in the video

  9. Nikki is a boring fuck. She has a stiff back lol.. You gotta throw that ass back. Arch that back. And Mally spread them check get in deep

  10. She should didn't even see nothing. That was just for him. Wack! I would have been wildin her up????????????she should let Austere!

  11. Listen I been banged out something crazy by my hubby and my neck has never broken like hers, she's stupid as shit and boring, bitch let yo neck roll with the movements. Dumb bitch.

  12. She was bored af cause he wasn't doing anything….she was about to fall asleep on his lil dick Smfh ??????

  13. Man this jus some regular boring normal doggystylin lol, celebs or not I can do the same and more haahaa.