Watch Lil Wayne Sex Tape Part 2: Tossing Stripper Salad


The HSK exclusive trailer for lil Wayne’s sextape “2 GIRLS & AN EMCEE!!!” has burned down the internet during the last few days. Here is part 2!

Some would say Weezy just got caught eatin’ a mouth full. Others would say dude brought his appetite to the menage, but it basically boils down to the rapper toss’in salads on his sex tape … skripper salads.

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  1. Scarey times but this coulda been any random atl, chiraq or Miami goon tbf looked like it was filmed in the seventies lows it

  2. Yo this nigga fucked Tanya Barbie lieder and didn't have a boner. If that was me i would made that pussy rain and I would crush her pussy