Watch Lil Wayne Sex Tape Part 1: Uncensored



Extreme Debauchery doesn’t even begin to rightly describe Tunechi’s threesome smash session on tape — with Weezy repp’in White Socks (and I’m not talk’in about the baseball team). Lil Wayne doesn’t even bother wrapping it up for these two¬†THOTS!

Part 2: Weezy Tossing Salad

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  1. Mane, these thots will fuck even the gremlinist lookin niggas lol. You already know his lil weak ass candle handle them hoes. That whole fuckin tape prolly on

  2. I thought his dick would be bigger than that from all the bragging in his songs. Damn! Bro can't even keep that shit hard. Can't he afford some Viagra or something? He prolly gonna have another baby on the way fucking raw with these hoes. They probably all got AIDS tho.

  3. Laid in full starring Lil Stain and a couple washed up rejected hookers

    Aids riddled Gay Gremlin this video ain't the only thing that went viral ay

  4. He can't get aids he has to much money plus the drugs have made his cells immune to any virus or infection he should be the spokesman for cough syrup he made it cool to be sick .. Yunng monnayyy bayybayy!

    • Fuck that shit…HIV & AIDS are not the only diseases out there. They have shit that will make your dick look like a chewed up foot…so let him keep stickin' it raw into these skank azz ho's and it might wind up that way…

  5. Why do niggas be fuckin with their socks on even of this is lil Wayne. Its his fault he shouldn't have let those hoes have their phones in there second it looks nasty if it is him he didn't even seem into it. So what little big some guys know just what to do little or big and those bitches are thirsty

  6. Everyone wants to say somethin bout lil Wayne it probably wasn't him and if he was there …damn I think if he was into this bitches he would have. Done some work looked like those bitches were so thirsty they were doin all the work enough said love lil Wayne. I dont care to see who he's fuckin plus both bitches had dirty feet

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