Mel Gibson Mistress Violet Kowal Exposed


Mel Gibson Mistress Violet Kowal Nudes

HSK EXCLUSIVE – All the sordid details of the woman claiming to be Mel Gibson’s former mistress have surfaced. Violeta Kowal recently shared her Mel Gibson experience with the world after appearing on Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera show, just weeks ago. According to Kowal, like Mel’s estranged girlfriend Oksana, she too had a rough time with the troubled Hollywood actor. And, she says she has evidence to prove her short-lived relationship with Gibson, in the form of telephone records. But, HSK has exclusively revealed that the former Mel Gibson mistress is no angel…she too may be just as troubled (if not more) than the Hollywood actor, and has a past fueled with addictions and prostitution.

HSK has exclusively uncovered Violeta Kowal aka Violet Kowal (real name Violeta Kowal) as a Polish prostitute, who is a former Vinnie’s Vixen. Now, she works as a Hollywood call girl, and hustles under a well known Hollywood pimp named Niko.

As a working girl, Violeta goes by the name Veronika. Don’t believe me? Just ask Mel! Upon their first meeting, Gibson reportedly paid Kowal seven to eight hundred dollars for sex, and we’re told Mel Gibson enjoyed her company so much that he instantly became her regular John.

HSK has learned Violeta Kowal met Vinnie (a.k.a Antonio) in late 2006, while she was walking in Hollywood on La Brea Ave., near Santa Monica Blvd. That’s when she told Vinnie she was an au pair and housekeeper. The two later became a hustling couple (much like Bonnie and Clyde), pairing up to make money in both Hollywood, while she turned tricks and together conquering Las Vegas, where she pulled several calls.

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During their relationship, Vinnie had several nude pictures taken of Violeta…images that were to be used to send to his various clients. Now, We have an EXCLUSIVE source (a former confidant of Ms. Kowal) who has over 20 nude pictures of Violeta AND full details of her professional and personal background.

After about a year, relations between Vinnie and Violeta became rocky. Know why? Because back then, Violeta’s alcohol addiction affected her work, making her a bad prostitute. We’re told the alcohol-fuelled Violeta often drove Vinnie nuts, forcing him to find a way to part ways with her.

Vinnie eventually landed Violeta a job as a housekeeper to James Alexander, the president of the adult entertainment company West Coast Productions. But, the couple wasn’t doing to good in Hollywood…they were squatting at people’s home. (I even took them out one night to Hollywood’s Pig And Whistle restaurant (just ask my town car driver, David).

I recall Vinnie once confided in me, telling me that Violet got so drunk that she became violent and starting hitting him because he refused to have sex with her. He later told me that Violet was a nymphomaniac and she was getting too violent to him, often mentioning that she wanted Vinnie to marry her so that she could become legal in America).

Eventually, Vinnie couldn’t take Violeta’s antics anymore, so after he purchased his Lexus car from her earnings, Vinnie decided to finally end his relationship with Violeta. That’s when I’m told Vinnie sold Violeta to a madame who is named Terri (who has since retired from the call girl business).

Terri recently sold her story (including photos of Violeta) to TMZ. The photo which TMZ now owns includes Violeta, an Asian woman known as Carmen and a man known as Derek…all were selling themselves for sex, and I’m told Carmen has since met a billionaire trick…but, couldn’t handle her access to money, because of her cocaine addiction.

Mel needs to get on the phone to attorney Ronald Richards and get in touch with me before he gives a dime to Gloria Allred and her newest prostitute.

To Be Continued…

Mistress of Mel Gibson Violet Kowal Nudes